The Unmasking of a Fool

(I am doing a new Bible study of 1 & 2 Kings. I will be sharing what God gives me through this study.)

Background scripture references: 1 Kings chapter’s 1-4

1 Kings opens with the impending death of David and the throne of Israel being usurped by David’s son, Adonijah. Of course, Adonijah was doing all of this on the down low, knowing that his father’s successor had already been chosen by God — Solomon.

David, as he languishes on his deathbed, finds out about Adonijah’s underhanded ways and makes sure that Solomon is installed as Israel’s rightful king. David’s last words were an admonition to Solomon: be obedient to God. (1 Kings 2)

In 1 Kings 3, we find Solomon, at twenty years old, is the newly appointed king. Solomon came before God, who promised to grant him whatever he asked. Solomon’s request? To have a discerning heart and to rule in the wisdom God would grant him. (At 20, that would have not been my request. How about you?)

My scripture for today was 1 Kings 4.

Solomon began using his discernment and wisdom immediately. He knew that he needed God and he recognized that he needed to surround himself with a council of other wise, godly people. He chose these men carefully and with their collective wisdom, the kingdom of Israel would flourish.

Solomon’s example spoke to me and these four questions arose:

On whom do I rely for wise counsel?

Are these people godly or do they “conform to this world?”

Do these friends show a discerning heart in their own lives or are they foolish in their decisions?

Are these people honest with me or are they “yes friends” who only tell me what I want to hear?

As a Christian, my goal is always to be more like Christ. Jesus surrounded Himself with wise, godly men He chose as His disciples. The Son of God, who could have chosen to walk His life path all alone, chose to walk it with likeminded individuals.

God never meant for us to bear our burdens alone. The formation of the church had a threefold purpose: to worship God, to share the gospel with the lost, and to lift each other up (delighting in our joys and bearing one another’s burdens).

If I choose to “go it alone,” then I am a fool. In and of myself, I am nothing. But choosing to surround myself with unwise and ungodly people (and to take their advise) is just as foolish.

Starting today, I choose to be intentional in the choosing of my council. I am asking God to reveal the true nature and heart of anyone from whom I seek guidance. I want to unmask the unwise and ungodly so that I don’t end up wearing the mask of a fool.


4 thoughts on “The Unmasking of a Fool

  1. Love this post. I know 2 important people in your counsel and the both are indeed advisers of God’s word. Your mama and your daddy.

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