Carb Cycling at Your Fingertips: Chris Powell’s “FREE” App

Carb cycling is how I’ve lost 34 pounds since January 2013.  I’ve tried to describe what it is and how to do it here on LBTK. Some of the comments I’ve gotten are encouraging, but a few have said, “Sounds too complicated!” or “The book is $20 — I’m on a budget!”

Well, what may have seemed complicated is now easy-as-pie.  And what may have been an expense you couldn’t afford is now FREE! The Vemma Nutrition company has teamed up with Chris Powell, transformation specialist on “Extreme Weight Loss” and author of Choose More, Lose More for Life, to make carb cycling simple.  Chris and his wife, Heidi (who is also a trainer and a working mom) have created a resource that is so complete, it’s impossible to get it wrong!  Vemma and the Powells have created an app for smartphones, Vemma Bod-e.  It’s free!  And it will “hold your hand” (so to speak) as you go through your week of eating. (Please ignore the fact that I misspelled my own last name, LOL!)

Settings on the Vemma App
Settings on the Vemma App

Even though I’ve been carb cycling for almost ten months, I decided to try this app — and it’s amazing.  Every day, you can see what your eating plan is.  You can set your wake-up time and it makes an eating schedule for you based on that information. My wake-up time is 7:00 am.  The app sends me a message to remind me to eat breakfast.  At 10:00 am, I get a reminder to have a mid-morning snack and gives me great suggestions about what to eat.  At 1:00 pm, I get a message reminding me to eat lunch, with suggestions based on whether it’s a low carb day or a high carb day.  At 4:00 pm, I get another message reminder with suggestions for my afternoon snack.  Then at 7:00 pm, I receive my last reminder with food suggestions.

My Day 2 Schedule (Low Carb)
My Day 2 Schedule (Low Carb)

Every day, I can go to the “Tip of the Day” and watch a short video from Chris and Heidi (usually about 2 minutes long) and get a great eating tip and a word of encouragement.

My Message Board

When I downloaded the app, I looked over the eating plan and if I didn’t like a suggestion on the app, I “clicked” on the arrow to the right of each food choice and could choose from 8-10 more suggestions.  If I don’t like any of those, I simply choose a meal or snack based on whether it’s a low carb or high carb day.  After I chose my menu for the week, I clicked on “Grocery List” in the settings and the app put together a list of all the foods I needed to buy for my week of carb cycling.

My Grocery List - Week 1
My Grocery List – Week 1

The meal and snack suggestions come with RECIPES! (Also found in settings)

My Lunch for Today
My Lunch for Today
A Mid-Morning Snack Option -- Ham & Cheese Roll-ups (Low Carb Day)
A Mid-Morning Snack Option — Ham & Cheese Roll-ups (Low Carb Day)

When you download the app, your meal plan will start the next day, giving you 24 hours to get ready.  There is a place for you to list your current weight, your current measurements, and your weight loss goals.  My goals were to keep losing on the carb cycling plan and be more active.

My Current Stats
My Current Stats

One of my favorite perks with this app was the ability to sign up to receive updates from a REAL, LIVE PERSON.  My coach is Jim Klunk and he lives in Kentucky.  He’s not just a coach — he’s carb cycling with me.  Jim has coronary artery disease and was diagnosed in 2006 with MS.  Because of his inability to work out like everyone else, he consistently gained weight over the last decade.  He found out about carb cycling and presented the information to his heart doctor, who immediately approved of the eating plan.  Without going to the gym, and by just being active a few minutes a day, Jim lost 25 pounds on the carb cycling eating plan.  He’s still working at it every day.  He does a lot of research and when he finds a great eating or work-out tip, he drops me an email and a word of encouragement.  This week, his suggestion was to add turmeric to my shakes and meals — it’s been shown in studies to help women burn up to 6 extra pounds a week!

Vemma Nutrition sells an assortment of supplements for weight loss.  Chris Powell has partnered with them to bring a special formula of proteins, healthy carbohydrates, and fats to the Bod-e shake mix.  I’d never tried this before and Jim sent me a sample of the Chris Powell Bod-e Shake and a free DVD with Chris and Heidi’s best tips for weight loss — BOTH FREE!

My Free Sample of Bod-e Shake

My Free DVD
My Free DVD

The shake mix is delicious!  And it’s cheaper than the protein shake mix I normally buy at Wal-Mart.  So, I ordered a bag of the vanilla shake mix (it’s extremely versatile — add fruit or any flavoring you want to the vanilla and you can have a different flavor every day for breakfast).  You can mix it with either water or milk (I use almond milk).  At first, I didn’t sign up for auto-delivery, but after using the mix for two weeks, I knew I wasn’t going back to the other protein shake mix.  If you are interested in receiving a free sample of the shake mix and a free DVD, please send your name and address to my friend, Jim, at and he will send them to you in the mail for FREE — NO DELIVERY CHARGES, NO POSTAGE & HANDLING, AND NO STRINGS ATTACHED! 

Those of you who are regular readers know that I don’t promote anything without an excellent reason.  In fact, I rarely promote anything on this blog.  If I find a new product that’s worthy of your time and money, I share it.  I’m also not one for spending lots of money to lose weight (sorry Nutri-System, I can cook my own food) or on gimmicky items for weight loss and fitness (you will never see me recommend an electric belt that “works” your abs for you).  What I write about and recommend to you, I always have checked out and tried myself — including books to read, recipes to make, fitness equipment, and weight loss information.  I don’t get paid to recommend anything.  If you’re interested in the Chris Powell Shake Mix (in either vanilla or chocolate), you can click here to order.  Chris Powell has developed other products for Vemma as well and they all carry his name.  THE ONLY PRODUCT THAT I HAVE TRIED IS THE SHAKE MIX.  I cannot comment on any other products because I’ve not tried them, but you can check all of the products out when you click here.

So, when I tell you that this app is FREE, EASY, and WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE, I hope you know I’m speaking from personal experience that has brought me true success.

Best of all, if you get off track on the carb cycling plan, there is a RE-SET BUTTON on the app!  Nothing is set in stone.  You can always have another chance — as many chances as you need.  Isn’t that what a healthy lifestyle is all about — getting back on the horse when it bucks you off? Not giving up because you had a bad day (or week or month)?

If you download and check out the app, will you leave a comment and tell me what you think?



12 thoughts on “Carb Cycling at Your Fingertips: Chris Powell’s “FREE” App

  1. ok never mind…….found it! for anyone else looking. thanks for posting this information 🙂

  2. I just moved to Berlin and I’ve decided with the move I wanted to get my body into shape along with this new (walking, biking) culture. I have watched numerous episodes of Chris Powell Extreme Weight Loss and I’m interested in his diet plan. Have you continued to do it and have you reached the success you wanted?

    1. I agree Jamie, this looks so amazing and I would LOVE something like this app to help me. Everything gets so confusing when trying to figure out if your eating a good or bad carb, etc. This app seemed really easy and helpful. If ANYONE out there knows an app similar PLEASE let us know. Thank you.

      1. I look on a regular basis but there is just nothing out there like this right now. Simply put, bad carbs are the carbohydrates that come from refined sugars and processed foods. Carbs found in fruits and vegetables are NEVER BAD! These are complex carbs which also have fiber. Our bodies do not absorb fiber. In fact, carb foods with fiber burn calories because our bodies expend energy TRYING to break the fiber down.

        Carbs from boxed foods, white flour, white pasta, and added sugars are processed QUICKLY and often lead to SEVERE CRAVINGS because our bodies expend little to NO ENERGY to process them.

        I am in the middle of writing an updated post about carbohydrates and how our body processes them, why NO CARBS is a bad way to eat, and how complex carbs can boost our metabolic rate.

        Love you all for reading and asking questions. I am now 21 pounds away from my goal weight. I had a 2-year setback because of surgeries I had since I originally wrote this. That being said, this eating lifestyle of CARB CYCLING (or carb manipulation) works. I am living proof because I have said goodbye to 47.2 pounds that are never coming back!

        So please be on the lookout for the updated post. I hope to have it ready by the end of this week (July 30)


  3. Hi Sandra, would you be open to including a link to an article relating the benefits of a low carb diet in cancer patients? it’s really informative, here is the link in case you decide it is a good fit-

    Thanks for your time,


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