Recipes (Without Regret): Skinny Fish Tacos

Hello, my name is regret
I’m pretty sure we have met
Every single day of your life
I’m the whisper inside
That won’t let you forget
Hello, my name is defeat
I know you recognize me
Just when you think you can win
I’ll drag you right back down again
‘Til you’ve lost all belief
These are the voices, these are the lies
And I have believed them, for the very last time… 

(Matthew West:  “Hello, My Name Is.”  You can read the rest of the lyrics here or listen to the song here.)

I’ve been listening to this song on the radio over the last several weeks.  The first verse just caught my attention and I thought, “This has been me.  This has been my life.”  Can you relate to these words?  I’ll bet most of us can.

Making a step toward being healthy has meant letting go of a lot of things — eating with abandon, never moving my body, not shopping the perimeter of the grocery store enough (where the fruits, veggies, dairy, and meat are located), fast food binging…all my regret and all the defeat I have felt in my life over countless failures.  I’d forgotten what I’ve always told my children — we learn through our mistakes.

So, I’ve made it my mission to make small, manageable changes in my life so that I can be healthy.  One way I’m doing that is to re-vamp my favorite recipes so that everybody can enjoy them and I’m not making “DIEt” food for me and all the other stuff for the rest of my family. My favorite thing to make for dinner is RESERVATIONS!  But since that’s really expensive and totally inconvenient (this means I can’t eat in my pajamas if I’ve had a bad day), I like to experiment with dishes that I might order if I were to go to my favorite restaurants.  Even though I try to make healthy choices when I do eat out, sometimes the dishes I like are not healthy.  So here is my take on a favorite of mine from Beef O’Brady’s (which is a pub-style chain restaurant, if you’re unfamiliar.)

Skinny Fish Tacos (With Garden Salsa) Serves 1

1 tilapia fillet, 4 oz. (or any white meat fish of your choice)

2 Low-Carb, High Fiber Tortillas (I use Banderitas brand)

1/2 cucumber, peeled, seeded, and finely diced

1/2 tomato, seeded and finely diced

1 scallion, finely diced (bulb and sprout)

shredded lettuce

Other vegetables of choice, finely diced

1 tsp. non-fat, plain Greek yogurt

Spices of your choice (I used Cajun spice mix, garlic powder, onion powder, a little salt, and pepper)

1 tsp. coconut oil  or olive oil

Add oil to a skillet on medium/medium-high.

Rinse and dry fish fillet.  Sprinkle liberally with Cajun spice (or chili powder), garlic powder, onion powder, and pepper.  Pan fry the fillet,  approximately two minutes per side.  When done, place on a paper towel to drain.  Add salt sparingly at this time.  (I even put a paper towel on top to get any excess oil off.)

In a bowl, mix the cucumber, tomatoes, scallion (and other veggies) with the yogurt.  Add garlic powder, salt, and pepper to taste.

Flake the fillet and divide it between the two tortillas.  Top with the garden salsa mixture and the lettuce.

At this point, I fold my “taco” like a “burrito” so all the filling stays inside.

Nutritional Information

245 calories ( for 2)

14.5 g. fat

>1 mg. cholesterol

15.5 net carbs

38.4 g. protein

Compare that to the information I culled from the Beef ‘s website for their Fish Tacos:

1040 calories (for 2)

68 g. fat

55 mg. cholestero

l 87 g.  net carbs

33 g. protein

If you’re unfamiliar with “net carbs,” let me explain:  to find the net carbohydrates of a food, you subtract the fiber grams from the total carbohydrates.  That is your net carbohydrates.  Because your body eliminates most fibrous foods, those carbohydrates can be subtracted from the total carbohydrate count.  The more fiber a food has, the less your blood glucose (blood sugar) will increase.  Eating lots of carbohydrates causes our blood glucose to rise, sometimes by a huge amount at one time.  Large spikes in blood sugar cause us to have cravings that can get out of control.

I don’t eat a lot of grain carbohydrates, period.  But when I do eat them (and I refuse to avoid them all the time), I look for low-carb options that have a low-sugar and high fiber content.  There are a lot of factors that go into net carbohydrates and if you want to learn more, see the related article below.) This is such a filling meal.  In fact, I usually share this with my daughter (who, by the way, is not much of a fish-eater).  I pair it with a side salad and a piece of low-sugar fruit, such as a cup of blueberries.


Related Article:What Are Net Carbs?


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