HCIKFS: Breath of Heaven (Mary’s Song)

 The angel told her,“Don’t be afraid, Mary. You have found favor with God.  You will become pregnant, give birth to a Son, and name Him Jesus.  He will be a great man and will be called the Son of the Most High.  The Lord God will give Him the throne of his ancestor David.  Your Son will be King of Jacob’s people forever, and His kingdom will never end.”  Luke 1:30-33 (GOD’S WORD translation)

To be visited by an angel and to have received the message that Mary received would seem overwhelming at best.  But Mary’s response to this message was the very reason that she was chosen by God:  “I am the Lord’s servant.  Let everything that you’ve said happen to me.” (Luke 1:38 GWT)

Mary and Jesuswww.photobucket.com

I first heard “Breath of Heaven” years ago.  I am a huge Amy Grant fan and in this song, she vocalized all the things that Mary may have “pondered in her heart.”  Oh, that I should ponder more things and keep my mouth shut.  Oh, that I would realize that because of my salvation, each day I have the “Breath of Heaven” in me.

Breath of Heaven (Amy Grant)



4 thoughts on “HCIKFS: Breath of Heaven (Mary’s Song)

  1. Sandy, I am so glad you posted! I have missed you! How is your Bible study class doing ?
    I loved the post. I made me remember mine from July-actually I have never forgotten it. My dream that the Lord gave me of when He reached into His chest and pulled out spirit and Jesus was actually separated from Him for the first time as a separate entity, then wrapped in flesh written with the characteristics of God and then flung down to earth, the Holy Spirit flying over and around Him, down to Mary to impregnate her. I saw this in my dreams 4 maybe 5 times that week. . I really didn’t know what to make of it-because I knew it was different than what I had been taught or at least I thought it was.

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