HCIKFS: Christmas This Year

Dear Friends and Followers:  Thank you for allowing me to have October and November off to celebrate my 25th wedding anniversary (the celebration was memorable and special — when I get our pictures back, I plan to write about the day and post many pictures) and to do some work for my church’s new phone directory that is due out in January 2013.  I am so glad to be writing again.  With so many wonderful Christmas songs, I have decided that the rest of December is going to be a “How Can I Keep from Singing?” Christmas song festival.  God bless each and every one of you.  Sandy


TobyMac doesn’t realize it, but his biggest fan lives in Wade, North Carolina.  Cailin, who sings in the Crusader Choir at Culbreth Memorial UMC, is such a big fan that when I was choosing Christmas songs for our 2012 Christmas concert, I was pleased when I found “Christmas This Year.”



I have to say that the Christmas music the children will be singing on Sunday evening, December 16th, has been a smashing success in rehearsals.  It does my heart good to see them all singing and smiling while we practice.  The best thing is that the smiles aren’t just facial expressions — these kids are singing from their hearts.  They are on a mission to promote the birth of Jesus with a celebration that will make our Savior smile.

If you happen to be in Fayetteville that Sunday, I invite you to our little concert.  This children’s choir and the adult choir will be presenting our special Christmas music beginning at 6:00pm that night.  If you come, you can hear my buddy, Cailin, singing her solo on “Christmas this Year.”

TobyMac would be so proud!

Christmas This Year (TobyMac)



4 thoughts on “HCIKFS: Christmas This Year

  1. Welcome Back!!!
    My all time favorite Christmas song is John Berry’s version of ‘O Holy Night’. It is simply beautiful; it’s one of the few versions that truly makes me cry and gives me chills.

  2. Welcome back, you are finishing up your Church directory and I am just staring our Presbyery’s directory of all the churches and pastors…it takes me 2 months to work on that…it is time consuming isn’t it? Blessings for your program this Sunday and Advent blessings to you.

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