HCIKFS: You Are God Alone

Have you ever been fooled?

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Instead of a real diamond, perhaps you’re seeing a cubic zirconia stone.

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Instead of a real hamburger, perhaps you’ve been served a veggie burger.

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Instead of a real friend, perhaps you’ve just made a passing acquaintance.

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While Kelly was preparing to grill tonight, Joshlyn and I were visiting him and sitting in his “man cave.”  Kelly has a cigar store Indian that we call “Chief” and he stands beside the television, straight as an arrow, guarding the man cave.  Joshlyn sat in Kelly’s lap, just being her normal, happy self.

Joshlyn – Her Normal, Happy Self

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She waved her right hand…at Chief.  When Chief didn’t return the gesture, she raised both hands and waved at him.  She even said, “Hey!”  Still Chief did not respond.  Finally, in a last-ditch effort to get his attention, she stretched out her arms to Chief, doing the little hand movements that mean, “I want you to pick me up.”

Highlander Cigar Company - Fayetteville, NC

Kelly, Chief, and our friend Mary Beth Bedsole

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We all know that Chief didn’t respond to Joshlyn and that he’s never going to respond to her, but Joshlyn hasn’t learned the difference between what’s 100% real and what’s 100% fake quite yet.  She was fooled.

Have you ever been fooled by the world?

The fool says in his heart, “There is no God.”They are corrupt, and their ways are vile; there is no one who does good.  God looks down from heaven on all mankind to see if there are any who understand, any who seek God.  Psalm 53:1-2 (NIV)

At www.wiki.answers.com, it’s estimated that the word “fool” is used about sixty-six times in the KJV of the Bible.  The reason there are so many references to fools and foolishness is because it’s an easy trap for us.  The prince of this world delights in making us his fools.  He eats it up when society questions God’s existence.  Corruptness and vileness are the devil’s tools in making fools of us in this world. As Christians, it’s our job to leave the foolishness of the world behind.  It’s hard because the devil uses enticing elements to deceive us and make us believe things that are simply not true.

One day, when Joshlyn is older, she will understand that Chief is just a statue and that he can never interact with her, no matter how many times she holds our her arms to him.  But there will be many other ways that she may be fooled.  I am praying that what Kelly and I, as her grandfather and grandmother, teach her about the one, true God — who is not made by human hands, but Who is omnipotent and omnipresent and omniscient, will help her defeat the devil’s entrapments.

100% Fake

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Personally, the most foolish thing the devil’s ever made me believe is that I can do it all on my own because I know what’s best for me.  It took me forty years, off and on, to leave that foolish notion behind and FROG (Fully Rely On God).  Today, I’ve chosen “You Are God Alone” because it speaks to all the reasons we have to fully rely on our Heavenly Father so that we are less likely to be fooled.

When have you been “fooled?”  Please share some bit of foolishness with which the devil’s reeled you in hook, line, and sinker.  And don’t worry — whatever it is, you aren’t alone.  We’ve all been there.

You Are God Alone”  (Phillips, Craig, and Dean)



7 thoughts on “HCIKFS: You Are God Alone

  1. oh Sandy, when haven’t I been fooled? I had a fake husband, but now I’ve got a real one, I thought I could do everything myself but then I found I couldn’t have a child w/o God giving the life, I thought I could run my life just fine, but I soon found that stripped down naked in front of my God was where I needed to be-to start all over again, to learn to trust Him and be in love with Him to give Him all that I have and am and ever will be. That is the real thing no fake there. and oh how He loves me and cares for me and I haven’t hurt for 3 wks!! no remicaid!

  2. There is a say ‘fool me once, shame on me – fool me twice, shame on me’. Well I’ve fell victim to some people and situations more than twice. Just call me gullable and trusting to a fault. Been fooled to many times to even keep count. 3 failed engagements, failed ‘friendships’, and many other things in this life. It’s a never ending thing but the best a person can do is to try and learn from these lessons and to use them as ways of how to/how not to treat others and ourselves.

    1. I have learned lessons from everyone who has been a part of my life — good, bad, and indifferent. What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger! I trust people because the alternative is to close myself off from the very people God would have me show love to. If I get fooled in service to Christ, i just count it as gain for His glory. I love you, Renee!

  3. The ‘devil’ tried to tell me that I would never be whole and well in my mind…For years the depression went on and at times he would try and convince me to give up,…Scary part is he almost succeeded..but God prevailed and kept me in the palm of His hand and brought me out of the ‘darkness’ into the light where I am today….Diane

    1. I have been in that trench with you, Diane. But i want you to know that God made you in His image and that’s why the devil hates us so! Praying that every day is a win for God in your life and a sound defeat for Satan. Sandy

  4. Wow! Very good. You’ve got a hand for writing, and also a deep connection with God and with the faith. You know why? I felt a little spark in my heart that gave me a yearning, or an impulse to go back to my “old ways,” meaning the ten years I spent serving God. I really miss it, but there are still some things holding me back. BUT. It spoke the truth, but stayed perfectly on topic. You didn’t veer to the right or to the left, and it was completely biblically based. That’s awesome You’re going to change some hearts, and I’ll keep a readin’. Maybe this will be one of God’s answers to my recent prayer, “Please help me not to be afraid of you,” to “Please help me desire the things You desire,” as I prayed before. I’m afraid to pray that second prayer because there are a lot of things I don’t want to let go of in order to do this. Blessings

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