To Watch Over You

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Yesterday was a bad weather day where I live. All morning, the clouds gathered and I could feel the rain in my bones. A cold front quickly took over our area and the darkness of the heavens looked threatening.

Still, I had to go to physical therapy for my knee. I only have two more sessions before they will cut me loose to work on my own at home. So I drove under ominous skies and actually made it to PT before the bottom fell out of the sky and a torrent of rain beat upon the earth.

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The radio was on while I worked through my exercises and I heard emergency messages about tornado watches and warnings across southeastern North Carolina. Instead of listening to the music, I felt compelled to pray — not only for myself, but for everyone in the path of the storm. This is the scripture that came to mind:

He will put his angels in charge of you to protect you in all your ways. Psalm 91:11 (GOD’S WORD translation)

Over the hour that I was doing my PT, the rain dissipated and the skies began to lighten. “Would you like to ice your knee or do you want to skip it and head home?” asked Jackie, my physical therapist.

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I almost skipped the ice. I even picked up my keys and purse to leave. But there was this “niggling” (sort of a cross between “nagging” and “tingling”) voice in the back of my mind. “Ice that knee!” it seemed to be whispering. So, I lay on the table and let Jackie tend to my tired, sore knee.

No sooner had she gotten the ice on it and started the timer, than we all heard the most horrific noise. Out of the huge glass window front, we watched as a huge pick up truck, an SUV, and two other cars spun on the wet road immediately outside the doctor’s office on Ramsey Street.

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After the screeching of the tires stopped and the whirring of the police sirens began, all of us in the physical therapy room sat in stunned silence.

“That could have been you, Ms. Sandy,” Jackie offered, her voice wavering. “If you hadn’t stopped to ice that knee, you could have been in that mess.” My heart was already beating fast because this same thought had just come to me a moment earlier.

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Even after she took the ice pack from my knee, I sat and watched as EMS and police worked the scene. The people in the SUV were now standing on the side of the road, looking at little wet, but okay. One of the other drivers was leaning against his badly damaged pick-up, arms crossed, head shaking, but seemed to still be in one piece.

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As I pulled out of the doctor’s office parking lot and made my way home, I spent the entire ride praising the Lord for the angels I know that He dispatched to Ramsey Street that afternoon.

Bad news always make the news, so I perused today’s paper (The Fayetteville Observer) for a story about the accident. Since I could find no mention of deaths on Ramsey Street, it looks like those angels were working overtime yesterday afternoon.

You have earned your “Prayer Angel” wings!

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And indeed, angels all over the United States have been doing God‘s work this week. My cousin, Sonny, is in stable condition. Although he’s still in the medically-induced coma, he seems to be responding to the presence of family around him. Doctors are unsure if he’s had a heart attack, but they do know he’s suffering from pneumonia that is a side effect of the chemotherapy. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to each one who lifted him up on Monday. You, by association, have been doing God’s work as prayer angels!

Have you ever experienced a time in which you absolutely knew that God’s angels have protected you?



3 thoughts on “To Watch Over You

  1. I’m behind, but that doesn’t change the fact I’m glad you iced your knee that day! We often claim God doesn’t speak, but boy, does He ever when we listen!

    1. I would love for you to share anything from my blog. I would be honored! God bless you. Sandy (Find me at LBTKblog on Twitter also)

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