Geometry Honors and Answered Prayer

Even before school began, I knew that Claire’s first semester school schedule was a mess.  My stomach hurt every time I thought about the classes that she wasn’t assigned to.  So I prayed.  I prayed that when the guidance counselors got to school, they would make the necessary changes to her schedule and everything would work out perfectly.  Approximately half of the 1200 students at Cape Fear would like changes made to their schedule in some way, shape, or form.  Not everyone can get what they want. The odds of an unrequested change in class schedule happening out of the clear blue sky are slim to none, so I knew that this was only something my God could change.  We made the requisite trek to the school before the fall semester started and made our requests by filling out some paperwork.

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I wanted Claire to be challenged again this year like she was as a freshman last year.  She was a mediocre student in elementary and middle school, but last year, her academic exuberance exploded and she made the honor roll all year as a freshman, carrying a 99 average in Algebra I, a 100 average in World History Honors, and a 98 average in English.  She was chosen for a coveted spot on the yearbook staff.  As a result of her hard work, she was invited to join the Beta Club.

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On her original schedule, she had not been placed in the yearbook class.  Mrs. Basham, her advisor, took care of that, but she wasn’t placed in Geometry Honors.  She was so upset over this that I called the school, left messages, got a bit of a runaround, was connected to a guidance counselor that couldn’t even help me because she only handles junior students, and ever-so-politely told not to come to the guidance office unless I had an appointment.  After two days of this, I was left feeling generally ignored and a little discouraged.

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But God would not allow me to quit.  I initially said, “Okay God, if you want her in that Geometry Honors class, do Your thing.”  As I continued to pray, God nudged me and said, “You have a voice.  You have Me on your side.  YOU do YOUR thing.  I’ll back you up.”

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So, I asked a few hundred friends on Facebook to pray with me.  I called all my relatives and said, “I need you to pray that this move will come to pass.”  I even prayed through the night last night, waking up at least a dozen or more times to lift my daughter up in prayer.

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This morning, I finally was able to talk to Claire’s guidance counselor.  I shared with her that I’d spend almost two weeks praying about this.  I apologized for being a pest and assured her that I just couldn’t let it go because God wouldn’t let me go.  There was a moment of silence and then Mrs. McMahan said, “You know, looking at Claire’s transcript from last year, she should be enrolled in all honors courses.  I want to see that happen for her next year.”  And I agreed.  It was the same conversation that I had with Claire last night before she went to bed.  Since the Geometry Honors class meets during the same time as the class in which Claire was currently enrolled, she told me that if the teacher of the Honors course agreed, then they would make the lateral move.  My end of the bargain was that Claire would enroll in core Honors courses in her junior year.

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And by lunchtime today, my prayer miracle had occurred and Claire was indeed in Geometry Honors.

Come, let’s worship him and bow down.  Let’s kneel before the Lord who made us, because He is our God  and we are the people He takes care of, the sheep that He tends.   Psalm 95:6-7 (NCV)

If God has wanted to work this out on His own, it would have happened without any need of my involvement.  Even though I was involved in this miracle, I know had no power in it.  God was “tending” Claire  and “taking care” of Claire.  I was just one of His instruments.

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My lesson for today was this:  for all things I did to help Claire to find a way into this class, God does a million and more things for me to help me find my way.  I would be lost without Him and shame on me when I forget that He is there!

Now, what kind of miracles has God been unfolding for you?

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