HCIKFS: Your Name

The Lord wants to show his mercy to you.  He wants to rise and comfort you.  The Lord is a fair God, and everyone who waits for His help will be happy. Isaiah 30:18 (NCV)

Randy Phillips, Shawn Craig, and Dan Dean (of Phillips, Craig, and Dean) have this amazing feel for choosing a song.  Some of the most meaningful songs I’ve come to love have been their hits:  Mercy Came Running, Friend of God, Favorite Song of All, Revelation Song, Hallelujah (Your Love is Amazing), and a host of others.

Phillips, Craig, and Dean at the Dove Awards

Image Source:  www.wikipedia.com

You know what I like best about PDC?  While they record amazing hits, tour the country promoting the love of God, and win Dove Awards right and left, they each pastor their own churches in Texas.  They are devoted family men.  If anyone knows the true meaning of Isaiah 30:18, I feel like they do because it is evidenced in their actions.

“Your Name” is a PCD song that is speaks to me on many levels.  Mostly, it speaks to me of God’s mercy and how great our Creator is.  My favorite line is: “Nothing has the power to save, but Your name.”  When it all boils down to it, God’s saving grace is all we need.


Image Source:  www.heartofwisdom.com

I’m ready for a little mercy and comfort today.  I am ready to wait for His help.  And as for being happy?  When I yield myself to the Lord’s will and His perfect time, I am always happy.  Do I always feel happy immediately?  No, because I am a stubborn human being who wants things my way and in my time.  In my fifty years, I have found that waiting on the Lord brings incomparable joy.

How about you?  Are you ready for some mercy, comfort, joy, and happiness?

Your Name” (Phillips, Craig, & Dean)


6 thoughts on “HCIKFS: Your Name

  1. thank you for that post, Sandy! because you are so right about their music and their music is so right about our God! He has truly been great to me and greatly to be praised today for all I came in contact with were such wonderful people-each so different with different needs of course-at first I felt inadequate- and then I thought you silly woman! Who is going to take care of their needs and show you how and what as He has always done? YOU silly woman are the vessel to be used, He is the Master to decide how, when, where, what, who because to the Master you are His precious vessel bought at a steep price. And when I remembered all these things, peace like the river indeed flooded my soul and spirit and I know that He will work it out.

    1. That’s why I love praise music! It invokes such strong feelings of devotion and love for my Savior. Thank you for inspiring me to write what I feel. Sandy

      1. oh thanks! I didn’t know I did that! Whatever I can do, I do! The Lord has been so wonderful, wonderful it’s hard to shut down at night-I am already wondering what He is going to do tomorrow!

  2. We are all stubborn aren’t we! But thankfully we have a patient Lord, always ready with His “mercy, comfort, joy, and happiness”, in song, in nature, in words and in thoughts. I listen to praise songs on the way to work – people must think I am crazy as I bebop along…but I guess they are right – crazy for Jesus! 😉

    1. My daughter once told me that I was a “Jesus Freak.” At fourteen, she’s a little young to remember the original usage of that phrase, but she loves the Newsboys. I ask her if that embarrassed her. She said she was proud that our family wasn’t ashamed of our beliefs. I always want to be setting that example for her, even though I fall woefully short many times. I think that it’s another kind of example for our kids to see us humble ourselves when we fail God.

      And be bopping for Jesus is a wonderful thing!

      1. 😀 When my son was a pre teen someone called him “Jesus Freak” in not a pleasing tone and he said ‘thank you”! I made plenty of mistakes but I made sure we kept God centered in our family life. As you know train up a child in the way he should go and he or she will not depart from it!

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