HCIKFS: Get Back Up Again

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Both of my sons are going through a rough patch in their lives right now, and there is nothing I can about it.  At first, I wanted to step in and help them fight their particular battles but that is neither good for them or me.  It’s taken all the strength I have through God to withstand this motherly urge.  But God has shown me that for me to do nothing at this moment is the right thing to do. So, I’m kneeling on the side of the battlefield in prayer.  And I’ll stay here until the battle is over.

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They are both adults.  They both have made some less than stellar decisions that make their current situations difficult.  I fully expect them to come through these times with a few battle scars.  And I also expect that they will reach the pinnacles of their pain with the realization that only God has their answers.  It’s how my husband and I raised them.

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But right now, they believe there is still something in their own power they can do to change things.  We all know that feeling — like anything we could ever do might have the power to change God’s will.  Both of them are praying for God to answer them.  I’m pretty sure they’ve been getting some answers from Him.  The truth is, they don’t like the answers.  So they continue to pray for what they want rather than God’s will.

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I recognize myself in their situations:  in the need to “talk God into” my way and the desperation of unhappiness that comes from walking far away from God.

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So, I have spent much of this day praying that they will see beyond “the moment” and that they may be knocked down, but they can get back up again and fight their battles with the Lord’s almighty strength.

I was in the mood for a little uplifting and truth.  No song can do that better than this one:

Get Back Up Again”  (Tobymac)



11 thoughts on “HCIKFS: Get Back Up Again

  1. Praying it all will be OK. Even when they ask for advice, the advice is usually ‘wrong’ if it’s not what they want to hear at the time. And you ‘never understand’ what they are going thru most times either, even if it’s something you’ve been thru, it’s never the same according to their self. Just be there when they come to you and reach out occassionally to them when they don’t, just to let them know you’re there for them regardless. Sometimes the tough love is toughest for you and not them. Keep your chin up and just keep them in prayer.

      1. Sandy, praying is the only answer anyway. Because as parents we don’t always get it right either-at least I don’t-but HE always does-so I just pray. My youngest daughter won’t even tell me everything for fear I’ll tell her what to do or plan a wedding or tell not to do it. So I just say is there any I should pray specifically about for you? and if there is something she knows I know or wants me to know, then I get told, but most of the time-it’s just keep praying for me, Mom. just like you always have.

      2. Thank you. It’s really nice to know I’m not alone. I have been here at different levels before and I’m lucky it’s not been two at the same time before. I am also feeling imprisoned by my lack of mobility. I sit and try not to brood because that’s what Satan would love. My favorite way to pray is LITERALLY down on my knees. With the knee surgery, I can’t even do that! So I’m “edge of my seat” praying. 🙂

  2. oh Sandy, I know just how you feel! I too have grown children and have watched them struggle through their own times. But the great thing about God is that He said if you raise a child in the way that he should go, when he is old he will not depart from it. Prov 22:6 I know you did as I did-God will bring them around-yes, they will have the scars, just as I do. but better that than the alternative! Loved all the pictures! I’ll be praying for them. so keep us posted please.

  3. That is such a hard thing to do..pray, stand back and wait. I have so been there so many times and in fact still am to some degree. There is no crises in the moment in my adult children’s lives and my grandchildren..but there is a need as I believe to slow down there lives and take time to ‘remember’ God is part of their lives….And so I do and claim some of God’s promises…like the one Cindy mentioned and also..of course ‘to pray without ceasing’ ‘and to keep knocking and the door shall be opened..I’m .hoping the situations resolve in a good way for your children….Diane

  4. Sandy, Bless you for your words today. I have been brooding today, trying to talk God into “my way”. Thanks for reminding me that God may not be answering my prayer because He has a better idea! I will continue to pray daily for you guys! Love You!

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