God “Won” One – The Devil, Zero

Last night (Wednesday), I was privileged to begin a mothers’ Bible study with some really wonderful women.  I could not find a Bible study that I felt met the needs of the young women who expressed a desire to begin this study.  After a great deal of discussion with our pastor at church and upon his urging, I decided to write a Bible study that would bring God‘s love into their lives.  The result is Blessed:  A Bible Study for Mothers Seeking to Know God.

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For the past six weeks or so, the devil has just been pounding me with this week’s lie.  I’ll bet you’ve been hit with this one at one time or another.

Lie #5:  You are not the one to do this job. 

This lie is one which God and I handled pretty well together– until Tuesday night.  I did not sleep because Satan just kept hammering me with this thought.  So I spent Tuesday night into early Wednesday morning praying and in God’s Word.

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God knew that I’d need a lot of support, so He sent me emails, texts, and phone calls from prayer warriors in my family and at our church to bolster what I already knew — God doesn’t always call the equipped, but He always equips the called.

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I actually meant to post this last night, but there was just too much praising the Lord going on for me to get to the computer.  You see, one of these young mothers is my son’s girlfriend, Casey.  She is the mother of my granddaughter, Joshlyn.  As far as I’m concerned, she is my fourth child and I love her so much.  She’s a terrific mother and just a joy to know.  

But we now have a different relationship — she is now my sister-in-Christ!  Yep, Casey is seeking to be baptized and join our church.  (Check us out at www.facebook.com/culbrethmemorialumc )  How is that for a way to begin this Bible study?

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I praise the Lord for this blessing, for His loving kindness, and for the wonderful influence Casey has already had on our little group of mothers.  It was Casey’s idea to have a Bible study for mothers and she went out and recruited her friends and family members to come.  She helped me get the materials together and has been the major source of publicity.  I take no credit for this Bible study and give all the praise and glory to my Lord.

We know that in everything God works for the good of those who love Him.  They are the people He called, because that was His plan.  Romans 8:28 (New Century Version)

Source:  www.peaceisgood.net

So, there is peace in my home tonight.  For the time being, the devil is speechless.  I’m going to enjoy that while it lasts.  What kind of peace has the Lord brought to you today?



8 thoughts on “God “Won” One – The Devil, Zero

    1. It will make a huge difference. I used to think I could go it alone and tried to for a time, but having a church family can be a stabilizing element in a person’s life. I will pray that you find the place that will make the difference in your life. Sandy

  1. That is so wonderful!!! I so hope to one day get to meet Casey. I know she has been a true blessing to your lives.

  2. I’m thrilled for you Sandy…As far as God in my life…He has brought me to a place of peace of which I didn’t have for years because of various struggles but mainly with depression. And I thank Him for it constantly. God is good..Diane

  3. I am so happy for Casey and I pray God’s blessings on the Bible Study and participants! I am looking forward to seeing Joshlyn more on Sunday mornings! She is such a happy baby and a joy to keep in the nursery.

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