With a Little Help from my Friends

I am not ungrateful.  It’s just…

I have to say thank you to some really nice people who’ve taken time to recognize me for what I write (which is humbling) and what I comment on (which doesn’t seem fair to other commenters because I like to talk and I share my opinion frequently).

I have some gracious friends for sure:

Anne at “My Life Uncut…Almost” and Diane at “hometogo232”  have both been kind enough to send me the “Versatile Blogger Award”  (Anne sent me the trophy VBA and Diane sent me the white VBA — did you know there were three different VBAs?  I did not!  You learn something everyday!)

Anne also has bestowed “The Beautiful Blogger Award” (which I’d already received but am doubly grateful for now) and “The Commentator Award” on me:

Diane also kindly granted me “The Reader Appreciation Award.”

And finally, Sara from “kyllingsara” gave me a lovely nod with the “One Lovely Blog Award.” 

I promise to be more timely with any awards I receive in the future.  Since there aren’t a whole lot of unknown facts about me on this blog (since I tend to share everything), I am going to improvise by sharing some really, really random facts about me (just once — not for every award), and then recognize the wonderful people I’m passing these awards on to.


    1. I direct the children’s choir at my church (www.facebook.com/culbrethmemorialumc) and absolutely love it.  On the flip side of that, I teach the college/career Sunday school class on Sunday mornings.  How’s that for a W-I-D-E age range?
    2. I just got a new iPhone two weeks ago, but truthfully, I miss my Blackberry.  I’m told that this will pass.
    3. I “had” an acquaintance named Sue who was expecting her first baby.  When I saw her after a long, long while (but was sure it had not yet nine months), I said “Oh Sue!  You must be ready to have that baby!  You look like you’re about to pop!”  Sue burst into tears and cried, “I had her six weeks ago!”  Needless to say, I do not discuss due dates with anyone who’s not family anymore.
    4. I once wore a skirt inside-out and backwards to church — Sunday morning and Sunday night.  When I finally noticed right before the night service, I had several people (including my husband and other relatives) say, “Oh, I noticed but I thought it might upset you if I mentioned it.”  REALLY??? Upset me MORE than realizing it had been that way all day?
    5. I still miss hearing Karen Carpenter sing.  *sigh*
    6. I watch Gilmore Girls every day.  I even DVR it.  When they finish the series, ABC Family just starts over with the pilot episode and so do I.  (If 7th Heaven were to ever come back on in syndication, I’d do the same with it.)
    7. I would one day like to write a 365-day devotional book for women or a mystery-romance with a Christian POV (I have a notebook in which I keep my ideas.  But there’s nothing I want to share…yet.)

Image Credit:  www.squidoo.com

I’d like to pass on “The Reader Appreciation Award” to Tim Zauto (http://timzauto.wordpress.com) and “Future Flying Saucers” (http://futuresflyingsaucers.wordpress.com).
Image Credit:  www.sodahead.com
“The Versatile Blogger Award – Trophy”  goes to Sara (http://kyllingsara.wordpress.com) and “The Versatile Blogger Award – Green”  goes to Diane (http://hometogo232.wordpress.com) and Anne (http://mylifeuncutalmost.wordpress.com).
Image Credit:  www.cards.boomerang.nl
“The Commentator Award” is given to Cindy French (http://cindyhfrench.com), Bird Martin (http://everyonehasastory.wordpress.com) and Terry (http://terry1954.wordpress.com).
Image Credit:  www.amazon.com
I’d like to present “The One Lovely Blog Award” to my fellow Fayettevillian (NC), Terra Newsome (http://bebetternotbitter.wordpress.com) and to April Hawkins (http://thoughtsfromtheporch.wordpress.com), and Lori Schulz (http://lorischulz.wordpress.com)
If, per chance, you already have one of the awards I’ve given (and I really tried to double-check on this), please know that I value your posts just that much.  I didn’t just pick people willy-nilly.  I tried to match the award to the blog.  Lots of love to you all and I can’t wait to read what you’re posting next.
Top Image Credit:  www.digiscrapdepot.com


11 thoughts on “With a Little Help from my Friends

    1. Why thank you, Bird. You’ve quite the collection yourself. I think I shine just because I stand close to all of you. Like reflective light from the moon. Sandy

    1. Thanks, Shirlene! It is much easier to do them one at a time. My middle name is Procrastinator…unless it’s about eating. Sandy

  1. Sandy, if I were not “nosey” I would not know that you had nominated me for a commentator award. First THANK YOU very much, I think! or does that mean I comment on everything and not keep my mouth closed enough? I could understand that as I would change my talking so much as something I would change about me.
    But either way THANK YOU! now did I miss your annoucement? and how do I get the award over to my site?I don’t seem to be able to do that either! oh the awfulness of being a baby boomer vs even a gen xer? Most of them are so much more technology proficient than I am!! and congratulations on all your other awards. I hope you like your new one.!

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