How Can I Keep from Singing: Orphans of God

I was watching the news today.  Sometimes the news is really depressing.   There were at least two stories on bullying:  one about a high school freshman bully and one about an elementary student’s MOTHER who choked her son’s bully.

Ten minutes later, there was a story with such redemptive measures that I was speechless.  Rarely I have been touched like I was with this story.  There are no words to express what is on this video.  You’ll just have to watch it to know exactly what I mean:

Boy Inspires Kids — Kids Inspire Us All 

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I can’t tell you how I cried (and cried and cried).  I cried so hard that when Kelly entered the house, he thought I’d received news that someone we know had been seriously hurt or had died.  I was completely overcome with emotion that a group of kids (without any prompting from parents or teachers) would get behind their classmate like this group of kids from Colonial Hills Elementary School did.  I take it as a good sign for these children’s futures.  There is an excellence of character among these young people that many adults should emulate.  (Especially that mother who choked the bully — what did she think she was teaching her son?)

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It’s good to know that no matter where we all come from, God is our Father and we are all His children.  He doesn’t choose favorites.  He’s always looking out for our best interests.  He will always cheer us on.  And no matter how long we stay away, He will always welcome us home.

I applaud the children from Colonial Hills for doing the Father’s work — whether they realized it or not.

Orphans of God  (Avalon)



Vacationing with Autism” (

An Inspiration!”  (


6 thoughts on “How Can I Keep from Singing: Orphans of God

    1. I see it in small groups. People who will stand on other people’s heads and treat them horribly just for a little social status. That’s why I have a select group of friends.

  1. Wonderful post! I have seen love and compassion for my Nephew’s that have Muscular Dystrophy. While there is a huge problem with bullying…there are still children who see the good in others and have compassion, strength and wisdom to follow good examples.

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