Grasshopper Meets Worm

My friend, Anne, does these wonderful abstracts.  She holds contests for her friends to name these works of art and then asks those of us who will, to write a poem about the abstract.  This week’s poetry challenge was for the abstract “Grasshopper Meets Worm.”


Grasshopper Meets Worm

 She has wallowed in the dark and dank, a worm,

 Waiting for her chance to wipe the dirt from her face and inch forward.

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She has watched as other creatures

Cocoon and blossom into new personalities

Or jump into a world where all seems possible;

While she, crawling on her belly, has remained the same –

A face without a name.

How she longs for the day when she will belong to the world of the lush and green;

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When she has a grasshopper’s legs – springing into action,

Dazzling the world with a little soft-shoe;

Leaping and bounding on a stage where everything is equal

And no one is crushed by the reality of things that can never be;

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When she is bathed in the center spotlight,

Soaking up the applause of the standing ovation

Even if the clapping only comes from her own two hands

And the only standing is on her own two feet.

“Well done, Grasshopper!”  she’ll cry.

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The challenge isn’t over because she’s extended the deadline.  What do you see when you study her abstract?  Is there a poem in you just waiting to bloom for all to see and admire?  If so, just take a stroll here  for the guidelines and posting instructions.

While you’re there, check out Anne’s blog.  She’s a pretty terrific person with a great story to share herself.


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3 thoughts on “Grasshopper Meets Worm

  1. Thank you Sandy! I forgot to have people vote for their favorites with the thumbs up thing. This week has been a bit of a blur for me and I’m upset that I messed up a bit with my own rules. 🙂 But that’s really all…people can submit a poem, but they can also vote on favorites. I think I’ll tend to that post now. Thanks again!!

  2. Okay, I posted the blog about it, and did go ahead and cut off more entries. People are welcome to go vote for their favorites though. I have got to get a better rule system for these down. 🙂 Thanks again Sandy, and sorry about the confusion!

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