How Can I Keep from Singing: Let It Rise

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Yesterday was definitely a Monday.  After such a wonderful weekend at our church picnic on Saturday and a phenomenal worship experience on Sunday at church, Monday came down like a thousand-pound weight.  And I got caught under all that weight.

There wasn’t anything earth-shatteringly bad.  It was just a bunch of little things that culminated in this massive burden.  I know I’m not alone in this.  I know that you must feel like this at times.  All these little annoyances:

  • Trying to make a purchase only to find that my card is invalid.  There was questionable activity on the card, so instead of calling me, the bank invalidates the card for my protection.  That’s great…except that all those “questionable” charges were made by me. (I’d been purchasing materials for our upcoming “Mom After God’s Own Heart” Bible study. The bank’s security department said there were too many charges within a specific period of time.  I just think it was the devil trying to discourage me.)
  • Kelly arguing with me about little things   This is so uncharacteristic of this patient, non-confrontational man.  It’s usually me doing the arguing.  I admit that I can knit-pick with the best of them.  Kelly never does.  I almost felt like I was in the Twilight Zone.
  • A cancelled nail appointment.  I don’t have many vices and even less vanity purchases but the one thing I do enjoy is getting my nails done and having a pedicure at the beginning of sandal season.  The appointment was cancelled for a good reason and the nail tech rescheduled it for the end of this week.  But as I looked at my gross feet yesterday with the toenails so long they could be considered lethal weapons, it was just an added disappointment.
  • No wipes in the diaper bag.  While out and about running errands, Joshlyn needed a diaper change.  In the worst way.  I found no wipes in the diaper bag and it was my fault because I didn’t check before I left the house.  It was not pretty — let’s just leave it at that.
  • Trying to come up with dinner plans when I did not plan for dinner.  I’m usually very good about planning dinner because it’s one of the ways we’ve been able to live on less with Kelly being on short-term disability.  When I plan for dinner, no one has to order a pizza or make a border run to Taco Bell.  At 5:30pm, I realized that, in my rush to go out and run errands all day long, I had not given a single thought to late day sustenance.  So, everybody sort of fended for themselves — sandwiches, left-over grilled chicken, and chips, and some peanut butter on crackers.  Not really a bad thing, but I felt a bit guilty. 
  • Lying down for just a “minute” at 6:30pm and waking up this (Tuesday) morning at 6:30am.  And not posting on Monday!  I even had a blog draft ready to go for publishing.  Oh, well…

Fill us with your love every morning.  Then we will sing and rejoice all our lives.  We have seen years of trouble.  Now give us as much joy as you gave us sorrow.  Psalms 90:14-15 (New Century Version)

So, as I made my way to pick up Joshlyn and Casey this morning, I was feeling down — the weight of all of Monday’s problems still pressing against me.  I dropped Casey off at work and she gave me this huge hug and says, “I love you so much.”  (A little weight lifts and my spirit perks up.)  

On the way home, Joshlyn was making these sweet baby sounds.  I remembered to thank God for my beautiful granddaughter and said a little prayer for her as I drove home.  (My spirit is lighter now.)

On the radio, the DJ said, “Here’s little something for your spirit this morning.”  Big Daddy Weave starts singing “Let It Rise” in his bold, slightly raspy voice and it’s almost as if the voice of God said, “That was yesterday.  This is today.  I need you present in the things I have planned for you, so let your praises rise.”

So I will praise you, Lord, among the nations.   I will sing praises to your name.  2 Samuel 22:50 (NCV)

I knew that the draft I had planned to share today would have to wait.  This was a teachable moment for me.  I always advise others to “Let go and let God.”  Today I’m practicing what I preach.

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“Let It Rise” (Big Daddy Weave)



“Heart-felt Love” (terry1954)

“Are Your Thank You’s as Passionate as Your “Help Me’s?” (From Pew to Practice)

“Lay Down with Jesus” (Be Better, Not Bitter)

“A Living Hope” (Faithrises)


3 thoughts on “How Can I Keep from Singing: Let It Rise

  1. Ha ha!! Reminds me of the Glad Game, from the old movie Pollyanna. I play it all the time. 🙂 Blessings for a beautiful day today that makes up for any shortcomings of the one before! –Anne

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