How Can I Keep from Singing: Your Name

Last Friday morning, my heart sank.

This is what it looked like, sort of.

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There, on the carpet underneath my desk chair, were a million teeny-tiny pieces of yellow paper that used to be the list of songs for the music at church for Sunday’s morning worship.  The songs were the last bit of information I needed to finish typing the bulletin.

I have to admit, my work station is not one of pristine condition.  It’s messy, with many papers and Post-Its here and there.  But I know where everything is.  I looked at the little yellow pieces and knew instinctively that our young puppy, Mollie, had been at work.  Why, out of all the pieces of papers that are on my desk, she chose that particular one, I’ll never know.

Okay, it’s not this bad, but you get the picture.

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No problem.  The first three songs came to me quickly.  I jotted them down.  Now, what was the closing hymnHmmm, I thought.  What is the closing hymn?  Nothing.  What is the closing hymn?  Still, nada.

It’s in here somewhere!

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So I called my friend, Michele Bedsole, who types the music for our overhead projector at church.  She has the OTHER piece of yellow paper that has a duplicate list of the music.  Alas, she was already at work and couldn’t remember the closing song either.   I thanked her and hung up.  Nothing had come to mind and I was resigned to the fact that Id have to drive to the church and get the last song from the master list in our music director‘s notebook.

The church is less than ten minutes away, so it wasn’t the distance I had to drive.  It was the pajamas.  I’m in my pajamas with a great cup of coffee, ready to type Sunday’s bulletin.  In.  My.  Pajamas.  (Insert huge sigh here.)

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I bowed my head and whispered this prayer:

Lord, it’s not that I really mind the drive to the church.  I really don’t.  But before I get up from my desk, leave this coffee, and put on my clothes, if you could just jog my brain and help me remember that closing hymn, I would be so grateful.  I hope You don’t think this is stupid.  I love you so much.  In Jesus’s name I pray, Amen.

Before I could get my eyes open, I got this visual of page 374 in the United Methodist Hymnal and “Standing on the Promises” starts playing in my brain.  It was the closing hymn.

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Was I surprised?  No.  God has answered bigger prayers than this for me.

Was I grateful?  You bet your boots.  Before I did another thing, I bowed my head and thanked God in a great big way.

Did He think my prayer was stupid or wasted, just because it was a little bit of information I couldn’t remember?  No.  (Some people might argue with me on that point, but Jesus said “Ask anything in my name…”)  I am was so pleased with the answered prayer.  To know that helping me remember the closing hymn is important to God was a great assurance.

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Then God decided to really blow my mind.

About an hour later, I was leading Bible study.  Near the end, I got a phone call from Casey, my son’s girlfriend.  She called to tell me that she had just received the news that she’d been hired by M. J. Soffe, a huge sports clothing manufacturer in Fayetteville, where we live.  I am thrilled, but I can hardly speak.  In fact, I break into uncontrollable sobs, we have to stop the Bible study, and I have to share with everyone immediately.  And here’s why.

I pray for each of my children on separate days of the week.  Thursdays, I pray for Steven, Casey, and my granddaughter, Joshlyn.  This is the prayer I wrote in Casey’s prayerbook Thursday night:

Lord of all things, I want to thank you for Casey — for the kind of mother she is to Joshlyn and for how much she loves Steven.  She is just so precious to me.  I know she’s not happy at her job.  You know she applied to Soffe.  That job would mean more income for their little family and a chance for Casey to have medical insurance, and that’s so important for her.  I’m asking that You open up a job for her at Soffe.  I believe that You can do anything.  ANYTHING!  I’m going to claim this job with the promise Jesus gave me in John 14:13-14 —  that whatever I ask in Jesus’s name, You will do so that You will be glorified in Your Son.  Show me a way to minister to Casey and to show her how much You love her.  In Jesus’s name I ask this prayer, Amen.

Two prayers answered within twenty-four hours.  One big, one small.  Both necessary.  You’ve read it in this blog before, but I must say it again:  He’s the God of big things.  He’s the God of small things.  He’s the God of all things.


And whatever you ask in My name, that I will do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son.  If you ask anything in My name, I will do it.  John 14:13-14 (GOD’S WORD Translation) 

“Your Name” (Phillips, Craig, & Dean


2 thoughts on “How Can I Keep from Singing: Your Name

  1. I’ve always been a firm believer that there is no prayer too big nor too small to pray to God with. Congrats to Casey on her new career move.

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