How Can I Keep from Singing: How Beautiful and Rise Again

I apologize for missing Wednesday’s post, but we have been a bit overwhelmed with sickness in our house.  Kelly was back at the doctor yesterday for the second time in three weeks.  When a grown man runs a fever of 101 degrees or over for an extended period of time, it’s not good.  Pray for him as he battles a severe case of bronchitis and a cough that has been keeping him from getting a good night’s sleep for over a week.

Continuing with my favorite Easter songs, I am bringing you another Twila Paris song (“How Beautiful”) and a song by Dallas Holm (“Rise Again”).  Again, both the words and music were written by each of the respective singers.  And many more artists have done covers of both of these songs.

“How Beautiful” reads like poetry.  “Rise Again” is written from the power viewpoint of Jesus as he goes through the process of the betrayal, mockery, beatings, death, and resurrection that is the whole story of our faith.

I have to tell you that the most meaningful presentation of “How Beautiful” I’ve ever seen was when I learned the sign language to it with the youth group at the church.  I was saddened when I could not find a similar version online.  (This is the version as taught by Salt and Light Ministries.  If I find their version in the future, I will share it with you then.)  However, I do like this video version because it has a beautiful background that accompanies the song’s lyrics.

“How Beautiful” (Twila Paris)

I love the original version of “Rise Again” by Dallas Holm.  It’s the one I love best, but I’m going to share Ray Boltz‘s version with you because it’s a great interpretation.

“Rise Again” (Ray Boltz)


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2 thoughts on “How Can I Keep from Singing: How Beautiful and Rise Again

  1. Oh Sandy, How Beautiful is one of my favorites and I got goosebumps on top of my goosebumps! The reason you didn’t get the blog up yesterday is because God knew I would need it today – Thursday before Easter! Love you and hope Kelly is much better!

    1. We used to do this one with Rhonda and DL Page at Judson. I would cry the entire time we were signing. So incredible. I’m glad it spoke to you, my dear wonderful friend. Sandy

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