How Can I Keep from Singing: Jesus Messiah and The Day He Wore My Crown

I know.  It’s Sunday night.  What in the world am I doing writing a post for Sunday night?

There are so many wonderful Easter songs that I can’t decide what to choose for tomorrow, so I’ve just decided to make this “How Can I Keep from Singing” week.  And one song per day isn’t going to get it either, so I’ll be posting two songs daily.  These are some of my favorite Easter songs of all time.  Please feel free to share your favorite Easter songs as well.

If I could meet one Christian artist today, it would be Chris Tomlin.  I can honestly say there isn’t a single song he’s ever written that hasn’t just absolutely spoken to my heart.  The first time I ever heard “Jesus Messiah,” I was driving and by the time it had gotten to the second chorus, I had to pull into a parking lot.  I was bawling my eyes out.

“Jesus Messiah”  (Chris Tomlin)

The first time I heard “The Day He Wore My Crown,” my friend Tim Britt sang it.  I wept at the beauty of the words and the beauty of Tim’s voice.  Sandy Patti does a great rendition and some really talented guy named Tom 052884 used her version and set it to scenes from “Jesus of Nazareth” and “The Passion of the Christ.”  I hope it touches you.

“The Day He Wore My Crown” (Sandy Patti)

Until tomorrow, have a blessed night!


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