He Calls My Name


He calls my name.  His gentle voice soothes all my fear.

As He draws close, He turns my storm to calm.

My trembling soul grows quiet when my Lord is near,

And I find rest in the safety of His palm.

He calls my name — Emmanuel, God is with me;

Wonderful Counselor, He’s forever just the same.

Glory to the Most High God, the holy Prince of Peace.

I know I’m His.  He calls my name.

He’s my Provider.  He portions everything I need.

He’s my Creator and still turns the night to day.

He’s my Salvation, whose Son exchanged His life for mine.

I call His name and He’s only a prayer away.

He calls my name — merciful Savior of my soul.

He’s my Deliverer, who took my every blame.

Redeemer, Lord of Life, Alpha and Omega —

I know I’m His.  He calls my name.

The day will come when I shall draw my final breath

And I’ll cross over into my heavenly home.

There all my family will meet me on the river’s shore,

And then, together, we will gather near God’s throne.

He’ll call my name and I will see Him face-to-face;

The Reason I’ll sing and forevermore proclaim

That He’s King of Heaven, God of Glory, Giver of Eternal Life.

Forever we’ll reign, when He calls my name.

Do you know my Jesus?  He’s calling your name.

(c) Sandra Hall Rosser 2012

Image Credits:  www.latitude821.comwww.elementfreelance.comwww.jeevagarajan.wordpress.com, www.onchristianradio.com, www.davemathews.hubpages.com, www.antiochbcpavo.com, & www.my.opera.com

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5 thoughts on “He Calls My Name

  1. This really is beautiful, Sandy! One of my favorite names for the Lord is “I AM.” He is the great I AM and He is whatever I need him to be. No matter my needs or desires, He fills them!!!

    Thank you for referencing my post. I am humbled!!

    God bless you!

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