How Can I Keep From Singing: Let My Words Be Few

Today has been gorgeous in my little area of North Carolina.  The sun is warm and the breeze cool.  The sky is cerulean with cottony clouds.  My daffodils, jonquils, and tulips are blooming.  The the leaves on the dogwood trees are green and there are hundreds of tiny buds waiting to burst forth.  The ornamental pear trees look snow-capped with blossoms.  And it’s not even officially spring yet.

As I was running errands, I began noticing all of these signs of impending springtime.  We know it’s coming.  It’s no secret.  It’s what happens every year about this time.  We look forward to spring.  It’s a sign of new birth and new beginnings.

The thought came to me today, Does Jesus see the signs of my love for Him?  Am I spending time in the Bible to see what He has to tell me?  Am I “weak in the knees” in prayer?  And when I’m praying, is it more than a glorified list of my desires or complaints?  Am I loving other people with Christ‘s love?  Am I giving?  Am I forgiving?  Am I singing His praises to the top of my lungs?  Am I awestruck by Who He is just because of Who He is?

Oh, yeah.  I’m in love with Jesus and I’ll tell you how I know.  When I think about all that I have because of His sacrifice, I get a lump in my throat, my stomach feels a little funny, and my eyes well with tears.  When I tell others what He means to me, I get tongue-tied and sometimes I blather.  I know I love Him because I’d rather be seen as a fool for Him than as someone who’s “got it together” for anyone else.

“I love all who love Me.  Those who search will surely find Me.”  Proverbs 8:17 (NLT)

Do I always show how much I love Jesus?  No.  I’m human and I fail Him dismally.  But He forgives me and we pick up our love affair where we left off.  I promise to do better and He promises to love me no matter what.

I hope you know His love.  And if you’re not in love with Him, I encourage you to seek that kind of relationship with Him.  It’s the truest, most satisfying love you’ll ever know.

“Let My Words Be Few”  (Matt Redman) “

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