The Ten Commandments: Honoring Your Parents

Regard (treat with honor, due obedience, and courtesy) your father and mother, that your days may be long in the land the Lord your God gives you.  Exodus 20:12 (Amplified Bible)

I have written poetry all my life.  Right after Christmas in 1986, I began writing a series of poems about and for my mother.  I was able to write ten poems, bind them, and present them as her Mother’s Day gift.  I have written her a poem for Mother’s Day nearly every year since.  Two years later, I gave my father a similar book of poems for Father’s Day 1988.

I want to share one poem from my Mama’s book and two poems from my Daddy’s book in this post to show how much I love and honor my parents.  Of course, there will never be enough words to say how much I owe them and how much their contributions (physically, mentally, and spiritually) shaped me into the person I am.  I am nearly fifty and I still want to please them and make them proud of me.  And as long as I draw breath, I will give whatever help they ask for, even if it means completely taking care of them when they can no longer take care of themselves.  I firmly believe that goes along with the promise that’s attached to this commandment — to live a long life on this earth.

If you love your parents and want to honor them, please leave a comment to this post about who they are/were and what they’ve meant in your life.  I can’t wait to read your comments.


 His Choice

God chose for me to be your seed,

A part of you, yet separate too.

Protected by your warmth and care,

He let me grow inside of you.

He joined the cells that gave me life,

And formed me by design,

A tiny bit from you and Daddy,

Was crafted in His will Divine.

You carried me and gave me birth,

And that was the beginning,

Of a lifetime filled with learning, hurting, healing,

And a love that’s never-ending.

It was God Who gave me that spark of life,

But it was in His plan, right from the start,

That you would teach me how to live that life.

He chose you to mold my heart.

And I may never understand how such mysteries unfold,

Or just how we two came to be;

But one thing I’m sure of,

As God reigns in His Heaven above,

You were the best choice for me.

–Sandra Hall Rosser (c)1990


It is said that a man has an unwritten creed

That he lives every day, in word and deed.

And the worth of a man is the unmeasured part

Of the faith in his soul and the love in his heart.

–Sandra Hall Rosser (c)1988

Haiku for Daddy

Strong hands reaching out,

Daddy holds me in his arms.

I’m his little girl.

–Sandra Hall Rosser (c)1988

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