How Can I Keep From Singing: A Little Good News

My heart aches for relatives of the Powell Family of Graham, Washington.  I will never understand why Josh Powell thought the only answer to his problem was  to murder his two children and then take his own life.  Whatever he had done, those children didn’t deserve to die.  He had the opportunity to make a confession about his wife, who had been missing under suspicious circumstances since December 7, 2009, and be subject to a trial in our judicial system.  Instead, he chose the most extreme solution he could render.

Unfortunately, there are news stories similar to this all the time.  I used to ponder why my God allowed these things to happen.  Or did He allow it at all?  I couldn’t understand it myself  and I definitely explain it to others.  To understand where the root of sin first took hold, we have to go all the way back to the Garden of Eden, just after God had created the world and mankind.

 The woman was convinced. She saw that the tree was beautiful and its fruit looked delicious, and she wanted the wisdom it would give her. So she took some of the fruit and ate it. Then she gave some to her husband, who was with her, and he ate it, too.  At that moment their eyes were opened, and they suddenly felt shame at their nakedness. So they sewed fig leaves together to cover themselves.  Genesis 3:6-7 (NLT)

That’s the moment sin entered the world.  It took me a long time to make the connection between that moment and all the terrible things that happen in today’s world, but when Adam and Eve disobeyed God, sin sent its penetrating tendrils into our lives.  It changed what God meant for us to have and we now contend with unfathomable horrors because we chose to sin. When sin became part of our world, it unleashed evil to do unimaginable things in our lives.  If you pick up the paper or watch the news, realize that the things we see happening in our world all stem from that first act of defiance to our Heavenly Father.  Because we have free will (the choice to follow God and do His will or the choice to do whatever we want to do), sin runs rampantly in our world.  These painful events will continue to occur until the time when Jesus Christ comes again.

No, God doesn’t cause bad things to happen. Thankfully, He has provided a way for us to ultimately rise above sin through the blood of Jesus Christ.  Mercy is given to all who believe in Jesus.  That’s the good news of the gospel.

And the Good News about the Kingdom will be preached throughout the whole world, so that all nations will hear it; and then the end will come.  Matthew 24:14 (NLT)

Let’s pray for those who are left behind to deal with the fall-out of this tragedy.  I also pray that authorities will find out what happened to Susan Powell, the missing mother.  I am making an even stronger commitment to fight the pervasive evil that surrounds us with the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
I always loved Anne Murray’s A Little Good News.   To be truthful, this was not the song I originally intended to use in today’s blog.  God kept bringing this song to my mind — I even heard it on the radio when I was running errands this morning.  So, I want to share with you this version of A Little Good News as sung by the Dove Brothers, one of my favorite Southern Gospel groups.  I hope it touches your heart like it touched mine.

“A Little Good News” (The Dove Brothers)

Video Credit:  dbm5blue5 (used with permission by the Dove Brothers)

Image Credit: Photo Bucket


DThrasher”s:  Voice of Truth



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